We are highly skilled strategists, communicators, journalists and editors who specialise in engaging people with complex topics and ideas. 

We are experts at creating and implementing communication, content and government liaison strategies that build your profile, funding, influence and collaborations.

We are passionate about this space and are active in supporting and growing a healthy STEM sector from education through to research and translation.

STEM Matters’ Services


STEM Matters has worked with many universities, government departments and corporates to create highly effective communication and engagement strategies, presentations and annual reports.


We work with you to create strategies and presentations that showcase your impact, innovation, outreach, research and collaborations. Whether it be working with you to build your narrative; identify gaps and opportunities; interview individually or host workshops with your team; develop an internal and external messaging strategy; document and presentation creation; we help you create strategies that inspire and engage your whole team.


Strategic work includes:

  • Student Engagement Strategy
  • Student Recruitment Strategy
  • Government Liaison Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Communication Strategy
  • Engagement and Impact Strategy
  • Key Messaging
  • STEM Commitment
  • Board reports


We know how to take complex topics and communicate them with integrity. Our specialist journalists, publishers, digital producers and designers are Australia’s leading STEM content creators. We find the newsworthy elements of your research and turn complex topics into engaging, accessible content.


We use the best science, technology, education, agriculture and health writers and editors. All our content goes through a rigorous fact checking and editorial process to maintain factual accuracy.


Make the most of the growing global demand for high quality factual content. We can help you create, distribute, promote and track:

  • Print
  • Digital
  • Online
  • Social Media
  • Video
  • Animations
  • Podcast
  • Case Studies



  • Content packages tailored to any budget
  • Media and communications campaign to support and promote content
  • Highly-targeted content partnerships locally and internationally
  • Print, online series or multi-platform publications


Show off your organisation’s progress, impact and success with report that is both comprehensive and beautifully designed.

STEM Matters’ journalists and publishers to bring your stats and achievements to life with stories, and powerful imagery. We understand the importance of engaging your own team, executive staff, boards and funders. Well-executed impact and engagement reports are essential for internal communication and funding security.


Our reports can include:

  • Profiles
  • News items
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Review of current audience and ownership of key topics


Additional services for increased impact:


  • Profiling and reputation audits
  • Speech writing and presentation development
  • Award submissions


Many research organisations suffer decreased profile and funding cuts due to sole reliance on traditional methods to reach media and tell their story. The STEM Matters team are media experts who can help you adapt your approach and broaden your reach, using a strategic combination of traditional and novel methods. We specialise in reputation management and building awareness for organisations and individuals across traditional and new media globally.


Our areas of expertise include:

  • Media kits for the modern landscape (going beyond the press release)
  • Reputation and risk management
  • Self-publishing – bring the media to you
  • Communicating controversy and complexity
  • Owning subject areas and topics


STEM Matters will develop, distribute and amplify your research stories and profiles to connect with your target audience. Our approach has worked with all kinds of niche groups and hard to reach stakeholders as well as media, government, schools, industry, funders, the R&D community and general public.

Our media and PR services include:

  • Media relations
  • Internal communications & stakeholder engagement
  • Social media management
  • Crisis communications
  • Event moderation


Everyone in your team can be a content creator using nothing but the smart phone in their pocket. This online training is designed for busy researchers and academics to show them quick and easy filming techniques for in-house social media content creation.


The online workshops are simple and fun and designed to build skills over three x 1 hour sessions.


Workshop 1: Intro to Mobile Video Making

60 mins

At the end of this session you will know:

  • How to use your smart phone to capture video
  • How to store and share video files on your phone
  • Which gadgets and accessories are useful?
  • The shot list/storyboard or ‘recipe’ for making your first video story
  • Basic troubleshooting


Workshop 2: Composing and editing Mobile Videos

60 mins

At the end of this session you will know:

  • How to edit and compose your footage on your phone or computer
  • How to add titles, credits and captions
  • The best ways to deal with audio and soundtracks
  • What a good finished product looks like
  • How to adapt and share your video for different platforms
  • Tips on best software for different purposes



Workshop 3: Feedback and question workshop

60 mins

This session is designed for people who have started filming and editing some short videos and would like feedback on their work or technical/creative support.


If you’d like to book, contact us at info@stemmatters.com.au


Your reputation is your most powerful asset.


STEM Matters can help you transform your culture, changing the way the world views your people and your work.

We coach communication teams, researchers and executives on their personal brand, traditional and social media strategy, career path and navigation between industry and academia.

Our coaching, workshop and training options can be delivered online and in person and include:

  • Personal and organisational brand
  • Traditional and social media strategy
  • Building bridges between industry, academia and government
  • Powerful presentations: design and delivery
  • Amplify your media, online and social media profile
  • Learn how to clearly articulate what it is you do and why it matters
  • Stand out as a leader and influencer


Our tailored training and support will have you presenting with all the skills of a seasoned TED Speaker – and you will enjoy it!

We can help you:

  • Identify your key messages
  • Define your point of difference and ‘translate’ your specialisation
  • Get you meeting-, presentation- and media-ready
  • Develop and implement your individual profile strategy
  • Audit, upscale and manage your online reputation
  • Structure and rehearse presentations so you stand out


STEM Matters’ Clients

We work with research institutes, corporates, government departments and universities across sciences, arts, business, and economics to help shape the way they communicate their stories and build engagement with their key audiences.


We’ve worked with universities, research institutes, corporates and government departments across topics spanning science, technology, arts, business and economics to help shape the way they tell their to build engagement with their key audiences.

We have written hundreds of feature, profile, discovery and impact stories; crafted dozens of ARC impact and engagement case studies; produced videos, podcasts and publications; trained researchers in media, messaging and engagement; and run media campaigns for international conferences and high-profile scientific papers.

Learn more about some of this work through our case studies below.


To request our marketing kit or for more information please contact us.




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