AUSTRALIAN SPACE AGENCY | Drafting and Editing Government Report

AUSTRALIAN SPACE AGENCY | Drafting and Editing Government Report

STEM Matters assisted with drafting and editing a report on the Review of Australia’s space industry capability for submission to the Minister for Jobs and Innovation.

Our role was working directly with Megan Clark (Chair) and the Expert Reference Group (ERG) members. Work included drafting, editing, fact-checking, word-smithing and related drafting services in collaboration with the ERG, using provided source material gathered from the Review’s consultation.


STEM Matters worked closely with the Chair and the ERG to design the report structure and determine what would be contained within each chapter.

We ran the editorial meetings for each chapter, assisted with drafting and ensured that the report was edited, accessibly designed and fact-checked.


  • Synthesised a large volume of information across diverse areas into a structured report that reflected the priorities of the ERG
  • Re-worked and edited complex information into a report that eloquently painted the picture of Australia’s space capability
  • Worked to tight deadlines, delivering a report that was approved by the ERG and Department of Industry, Innovation and Science