MACQUARIE UNIVERSITY | Student Recruitment

MACQUARIE UNIVERSITY | Student Recruitment

STEM Matters was approached to develop and implement an  approach to assist with and enhance the Faculty’s existing undergraduate student recruitment strategy. We were responsible for end-to-end delivery of the project and collaborating with several departments across Macquarie University including the Faculty of Science and Engineering, Future Students, Marketing, IT and Research as well as sourcing and liaising with third party suppliers.



Macquarie University’s Faculty of Science and Engineering (“the Faculty”) were seeking to increase the number of undergraduate students enrolling, particularly female enrolments.


We developed a multimedia publication, Tackling Global Challenges, that spoke to potential students’ desires to engage in pressing issues. It highlighted how the skills gained through studying at the Faculty are some of the most highly sought-after across a range of sectors, and how the creativity, tenacity and problem-solving abilities embodied by scientists, IT experts and engineers are changing the world.

Working with teams across the Faculty, Research,  Marketing, IT, user experience and student outreach we ensured the publication amplified their current work. This included understanding how to deliver on their content platforms within their content governance framework.

Central to the campaign was understanding the key audience (secondary students) and their influencers (peers, parents, teachers and counsellors) and what was stopping them from enrolling at the university and considering STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) careers.

Finally, designed for and delivered content on platforms that matched the various needs of the key audiences including print, digital and mobile.


The Tackling Global Challenges publication was launched in July 2017 in both print and digital format. The print version was distributed by the Faculty to schools, influencers and decision-makers through direct mailing. In addition, copies of the publication were inserted into NSW newspapers.

The digital edition was hosted online as a flipbook and digital content hub that was optimised for cross-device interaction.


Online and digital editions have been extensively used and downloaded by schools and students.The publication helped increase brand awareness of Science and Engineering at Macquarie University in the desired target market.