QUEENSLAND BRAIN INSTITUTE | Building Public Awareness, Donations

QUEENSLAND BRAIN INSTITUTE | Building Public Awareness, Donations

We provided comprehensive end-to-end project management including discovery activities, research, industry liaison, strategic planning and implementation. This included an overhaul of the website, social media, content and communications strategy as well as building the online audience.


The Queensland Brain Institute (QBI) is one of the top brain research institutes globally, attracting internationally renowned researchers and regularly publishing in the most prestigious peer-reviewed journals. With an ambitious research agenda, QBI was seeking to dramatically grow its philanthropic base and, in order to achieve this, needed to build awareness and engagement with the broader non-academic community globally.


Central to addressing the challenge was cementing QBI’s reputation as a trusted global destination point online for the general public, industry, philanthropists, media and international collaborators wanting to understand the latest research on the brain from learning, lifestyle and disease perspectives.

We developed an understanding of the business and audience objectives of the organisation, in particular how QBI needed to position themselves in relation to other research institutes and non-profits.

Based on this we developed the concept of the Brain Series – a print, digital and online magazine/content hub. Each issue supported by an engagement campaign using traditional media and partnership outreach and a broad social media campaign.

There have been four issues: Dementia, Concussion, Learning and Memory and Intelligent Machines


  • A long-term publication strategy was developed that showcased the breadth and impact of research across a broad range of complex topics.
  • The Brain Series was launched in April 2016 with the first issue focussing on concussion. Subsequent issues have included dementia, learning and memory and artificial intelligence
  • Each issue is fully supported by a traditional and social media campaign and distributed nationally through the Australian Financial Review.
  • We created the marketing, editorial, design and distribution strategy for the publication and managed  production of the launch issue from conception to completion.
  • Kylie also mentored the QBI team throughout the process so that they could continue to produce the publication without external support.


  • The fundraising goal for dedicated concussion and dementia research was reached
  • Website traffic: 200,000 page impressions per month with 100,000 unique visitors
  • Publications downloads: Over 35,000 across all issues
  • Media is now coming to QBI preferentially. For concussion alone mainstream media coverage comprised 90 on-message items, reaching a cumulative audience of over 3.04 million Australians.
  • New partnerships were established for QBI with over 25 sporting associations to garner their support for the campaign and QBI’s concussion research.
  • The concussion campaign was a finalist for a Public Relations Institute of Australia Golden Target Award and an MSIX Award.


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