UNIVERSITY OF TASMANIA | Building the profile of senior researchers

UNIVERSITY OF TASMANIA | Building the profile of senior researchers


Like many universities, University of Tasmania researchers had profile pages that were dry and targeted at potential PhD students or academic peers.

The University wanted to update three of their top researchers’ profiles to reflect their incredible research and showcase the impact they’re making on a global scale to audiences outside of academia, while still providing access to the traditional academic information.


The first stage of this project focussed on working with the University’s IT team to understand the limitations of its existing content system. Given the timeframe and scope of the project, we wanted to provide design recommendations that could be implemented quickly with minimal disruption and investment.

We interviewed each of the researchers and worked with them to identify four story angles that would convey their profile and impact so far while also highlighting their future direction, so as to ensure the stories continued to attract the right PhD students and interested industry partners.

Once the story angles were identified we created profile, feature, impact and explainer stories for each of them that could be housed on their profile page. The University produced a video on each of these researchers for inclusion on their page at the same time.

In addition, we created a short statement covering leadership, innovation, impact and collaboration which was specifically targeted at industry and funding bodies.


Our proposed new layout for profiles was accepted and implemented by the University for the three researchers.

The University’s School of Business and Economics used the layout and commissioned us to write profile and impact statements for all its researchers.


  • High quality content is now available for each researcher.
  • The new profile approach is being adopted across the University.